Excellent Matsumoto sweets!

TAIYAKI (RED BEAN PASTE) \180- Crispy baked crust and homemade ANKO paste filling. Excellent NAWATE st. sweets! This is the real TAIYAKI.

Sausage and Mayonnaise TAIYAKI

TAIYAKI(Sausage and Mayonnaise) \200- Sausage and Mayonnaise inside instead of red bean paste. May feel some odd first time, but you’ll be addicted seriously.

Homemade ANKO paste & Ice cream

Put sweet ANOKO paste and ice cream between taiyaki shaped crispy crusts! Brand-new NAWATE st. Sweets!



ANKO Paste selling by weight

ANKO Paste selling by weight \300 /100g FURUSATO’s special made ANKO paste selling by weight. Really useful for making cakes or sweets.
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